• We can provide you with fuel management systems to keep an accurate account of the fuel in your vehicles and/or storage tanks, know how much each vehicle/tank is using and pick up discrepancies before losses occur.
  • To manage fuel depots and accounting for fuel dispensed.



  • Monitor fuel usage by vehicle/storage tank & Measure efficiency.
  • Block fuel from being dispensed if attempt is made to dispense into an unauthorised tank (e.g. unauthorised vehicle or a container).
  • Set minimum tank levels to auto order when a tank reaches a minimum level.
  • Volumes dispensed are automatically recorded and stored in a central database
  • Inventory and performance reports are generated
  • Keep an accurate account of the fuel dispensed to each vehicle
  • Record how much fuel each vehicle is using
  • Cyclic fuelling limits. E.g. 100litre/Week.
  • Fuelling date/time Restrictions
  • Fuelling limited to Tank Capacity
  • Fuelling Budget per Department. E.g. Maintenance Department vehicles limited to 5000 Litres/month
  • SARS Reports (Historic and current)

Fuel Surveillance

Automatic Tank Gauging

This system allows you and us to know what’s in the tank without needing to use the traditional dipstick. The Automatic Tank Gauging Device, connects to the Fuel management system and tracks the fuel pumped out of the nozzle. It monitors the expected movement on the correct tanks fuel level, thus giving accurate reports of the fuel movement in tank and will pickup any expected movements like a “leak” or unauthorized movement of fuel out of the tanks.



  • We source & install storage tanks & pumps at client sites
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